Wasa360 – briefly in English

Wasa360 is a Concept developed and carried out by Construction and Real Estate Concern WasaGroup.

WasaGroup Concern is the fastest growing real estate and construction concern in Finland that offers a unique comprehensive vantage point into the actions of real estate and construction field.
WasaGroup concern’s domains include the whole field of real estate and construction from real estate and project development to designing and planning, constructing and construction contracting, machine renting and building site servicing as well as real estate financing and funding. Our goal is always to have cost-effectively and quickly carried out projects and quality result that fills our customer’s needs.

Concern Companies

The whole know-how of WasaGroup concern is involved in projects from the beginning. The companies that belong in the concern include construction company WasaCon, machine renting and industrial services offering WasaTrade, design office WasaPlan as well as funding company WasaGroup Funds.

Concern’s domains

WasaGroup concern’s domains consist of service ensembles that cover all the services a real estate investor, real estate owner and constructor needs.
WasaGroup concerns domains are:

– Real Estate Development
– Real Estate Financing
– Real Estate Funding and Investing
– Design and Planning Services
– New Building
– Renovating
– Machine Renting and Services
– Industrial Services

The domains’ services consist of services tailored according to client’s needs and service chains that are provided by WasaGroup concern’s companies or partners.